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Subterranean Artist Open House May 2018

Brighton Artists Open House / Matt Noir Fine Artist

Matt Noir / Vitamorte 

Subterranean is a joint exhibition by Matt Noir & Vitamorte. The space physically encapsulates subterranean themes; the idea that being an emerging artist can feel subterranean, artwork that uses actual underground spaces in this basement flat, and the meanings that lay beneath the surface.


Matt studied Fine Art at Bath School of Art and Design. He has exhibited across the South East and was the winning entry of the Brighton Gin Prize 2015. Vitamorte is a self-taught artist who has opened her house unofficially for several years, gaining something of a reputation for the unexpected.


Both artists create works that are devoid of human form and use interiors and objects to create narratives and conversations. However, Subterranean is more than just two artists exhibiting in a house, the show has been cleverly curated to create an 'art environment', from Matt's paintings of objects to Vitamorte's miniature interiors, the exhibits echo and compliment each other and make connections.

 Visitor Comments


- An interesting collection that brought me into a lot of different worlds.

- The artwork talks and tells interesting stories to me.


- Very exciting work – both complimented each other to create a fascinating exhibition.

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